Ultimate Chicken Wing Recipes

Ultimate Chicken Wing Recipes

Whether you’re looking for a great chicken wing recipe for a family dinner or for the ultimate Super Bowl party, chicken wings are always a hit. I’ve tested and tasted my fair share and like to think of myself as a seasoned consumer of all things wings, so... read more

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The Best Meatball Sandwich

Get ready because this might be the best meatball sandwich ever. At least the best my family’s ever had, for reasons I’m about to share. Plus the best because the first time I made it, people were actually fighting for the last bite. A couple of factors... read more

Pull Apart Cheesy Pizza Bread

Here’s a sure hit for your next party (Super Bowl, hello?) that not only satisfys a pizza craving, but it’s super impressive looking and fun to eat. Pull Apart Cheesy Pizza Bread is shown here with mini pepperonis, but you can switch out or add Italian... read more

Lasagna Soup

If you get a sudden craving for a really good lasagna dinner, usually you have to dine out to satisfy that craving. Because Lasagna made at home takes time, effort and can be expensive. Which usually relegates this dish to an All-Day-Sunday-Supper. But today I give... read more

Almond Joy Smoothie

Green smoothies are everywhere and I have my personal favorites, and not-favorites-but-drink-it-anyway. This chocolate beauty is a wonderful switch-over for a healthy treat or dessert and the combination of chocolate, almonds and coconut makes this obviously named the... read more

Roasted Poblano Soup

Roasted Poblano Soup combines all the flavors and texture of a satisfying meal and it doesn’t take long to make; especially if you roast your peppers ahead of time. Poblano peppers, also known as Pasilla peppers, have a gentle heat, but full-on, may still be too... read more

Chocolate French Toast with Candied Bacon

I served this to my family for our New Year’s brunch, but realized this recipe for Chocolate French Toast with Candied Bacon is going to be on the menu for quick breakfasts, sleepovers, weekend guests, and even for dessert now and then. It looks fancy and like... read more

Tuscan White Bean Soup in the Slow Cooker

It’s hard to beat the rustic simplicity of a nice bean soup and this Tuscan White Bean Soup in the slow cooker is simple but bursting with flavor. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get this type of dish wrong, especially in the slow cooker. If you don’t... read more

Authentic German Pancakes

These are the Real Deal Authentic German Pancakes. The recipe below was shared with my grandpa by a visitor from Germany many years ago and these pancakes are delicious; light and egg-y with delicate, crispy edges. Resembling French-style crepes but a little thicker... read more

Chocolate Chip Cookies Good Enough For Santa

I’m pretty critical of chocolate chip cookies and always find something wrong in my quest for the best cookie. Well, let me tell you these Cookies are so good, so different, so sweet, but not too much. They’re so fancy looking and tasty, I’ve deemed... read more

Cranberry Basil Dip

Are cranberries in season where you live? How about pomegranates? Then you must try this Cranberry Basil Dip at your next get-together. Perfect served with fresh fruit, mini pretzel twists, or as shown here, hugely popular Pretzel Crisps. A combination of cream cheese... read more

Perfect Pound Cake – Foolproof results every time

Pound cake is a delectable treat that pairs well with many different toppings- Of course, whipped cream, fresh fruit, drizzles of chocolate or sugar glazes. Try it soaked in liqueurs like rum or orange, and pound cake becomes lavish. Top it with Lemon Curd and... read more

Classic Cheeseburger Soup

Here’s a delicious 30-minute recipe that lives up to its name. Classic Cheeseburger Soup tastes just like a gooey-cheesey, drive-in cheeseburger. JUST.LIKE… seriously. The base infuses beef broth, tomato paste, and creamy melted cheese. Then just the right... read more

Grandma Phyllis’ Famous Macaroni and Cheese

My grandma was the original Good Dinner Mom and though she’s no longer with us, I still feel close to her when I’m in the kitchen. She was well known for many of her recipes, most notably; homemade pies, mustard pickles, jams and jellies that set perfectly... read more

Coal In The Snow Cookies – Baked “deep fried” Oreos

This is the perfect last-minute “cooler than cool” treat. Reminicent of deep fried oreos you might get on a stick at the fair, Coal In The Snow is super easy (only 4 ingredients), and a super fun surprise at first-bite.  If you can serve them right out of the oven,... read more

Quick Corn Spoonbread

This recipe for Quick Corn Spoonbread is a hybrid of creamed corn, corn souffle’, and cornbread stuffing all in one. At a holiday table, I see this as a compliment next to the stuffing, under the yams, with juicy cranberry sauce right in the middle of it all.... read more

Incredible Savory Monkey Bread

Incredible is one word to describe this Monkey Bread recipe… Vanishing, mouth-watering, best-ever are some other words I wanted to use. But hopefully just looking at this beautiful dinner roll option will help you decide that this is absolutely the bread you... read more
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